Sierra & Co. heading west

Sierra Hull and her talented band are getting started on a two week world tour that will take them pretty much around the globe. While they are traveling, Sierra promises to send reports and photos as often as she can. Here’s her first report, as they head west.

sierraWe’re headed from Dulles Airport to Honolulu en route to Guam! So excited (and sleepy!).

We just finished a run of 3 dates in Virginia yesterday and when we return to the U.S. we will head straight to DelFest before returning home.

This tour includes stops in Guam, Micronesia, Jerusalem and the West Bank. We will share bluegrass music through workshops, collaborations with local musicians and a few concerts. This is the first time to these countries for all of us and certainly the most extensive travel that I’ve done thus far! Over 40 hours in flying. Today alone will include about half of that. We should arrive in Guam at 3:00 a.m. CST Monday morning for the folks at home keeping tabs.

I’ll try to blog and share as many photos and stories as Internet will allow.