Sideline continues out west

Jason Moore fueling up  the Sideline bus as they roll westward on February 8.

This article, and others that will come this week as Sideline tours the western US, is a contribution from Glenn Wright of Guy Raleigh Management. He is accompanying the band and will provide regular updates on their road exploits and stage performances.

Sideline Bluegrass Colors and Crossroads tour continues westward. Today was full of fun and food with the Sideline crew listening to some good bluegrass on the online Acoustic Freight Radio, stopping at the world famous Whataburger in Oklahoma City, and a little after lunch pickin’ and practice as they travel west.

The day started just after midnight with our first fuel stop in Arkansas. Unfortunately, since upright bass player Jason Moore served as our gas attendant, we chose not to tip him. But the service he provided was excellent. After we fueled up, Moore finally got a much deserved break from driving duties as band guest “Fridge” took a turn at the wheel. Fridge, also known as Chris Outland, has long been friends of Steve Dilling and is along to help with the driving and other tasks on this tour.

Brad Hudson, the band’s dobro player did most of the driving today. During the morning drive Sideline listened to an online bluegrass show out of Lincoln, Nebraska titled Acoustic Freight Radio. In addition to hearing some excellent bluegrass tunes, Sideline was pleased to hear a mention of this weekend’s benefit show supporting Tri-State Military Moms and a mention of the Colorado River Bluegrass Festival in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Skip Cherryholmes wolfs down a Whataburger as Sideline takes a pit stop (2/8/17)

Brad Hudson got the band safely to their much anticipated first stop, world famous Whataburger. Troy Boone managed to eat a triple stack burger, but most band members only managed double stacks, although Hudson did opt for the healthier alternative. After lunch, guitar player Skip Cherryholmes, Troy Boone, and the band’s tour manager Guy Raleigh opted for some delicious ice cream from Braum’s. How they managed that will forever remain a mystery. After lunch the Sideline boys spent time pickin’ and practicing again for this weekend’s shows.

Sideline is excited to be spending time with new and old friends from the west coast bluegrass community, and will continue to update everyone on their journey out west and back through social media and Bluegrass Today.