Sideline at the Colorado River Bluegrass Festival

This article, and others that were posted last week as Sideline toured the western US, is a contribution from Glenn Wright of Guy Raleigh Management. He is accompanying the band and will provide regular updates on their road exploits and stage performances.

Sideline completed the west coast Colors and Crossroads tour with two days of shows at the popular Colorado River Bluegrass Music Festival over the weekend. Playing with such bluegrass greats as Allen Mills and Lost and Found, Jerry Butler and the Blu Js, and Salt and Light Moore Family Band. While attendance this year was down slightly, enthusiasm was definitely up. Sideline’s Steve Dilling commented that “Crowd response makes a big difference in how Sideline plays, the better the crowd the more we can get into our performance.”

Sideline performed four sets at the festival, sharing songs from all three of their CDs. The crowds responded with multiple standing ovations and calls for encores on every set. Among other highlights of the festival was Salt and Light performing new music never heard before, and Jerry Butler and the Blu Js young mandolin player Andy Stinnett with some amazing playing, making seasoned professionals stop and listen. Sideline’s upright bass player Jason Moore, the nephew of Allen Mills, also played bass for Lost and Found this weekend. The festival closed with Sideline joining Allen Mills and Lost and Found onstage for incredible songs and crowd participation. Mills praised the talents of Sideline’s Skip Cherryholmes; Cherryholmes earned what he has achieved.

Sideline is headed home this week for a couple days off before heading to the Joe Val Festival put on by the Boston Bluegrass Union. Weather for the trip home was a concern, as snow was expected on the planned route. Sideline’s Moore, who doubles as one of their bus drivers, looked at the weather before leaving Bullhead City, Arizona and opted for a slightly longer southern route home. Talking to Moore on the way, he stated “All we ran into was some rain, we heard from another band that did run into snow and had to stop for the night, so I’m glad we went the southern route.”

Sideline would like to thank everyone involved with the Colorado River Bluegrass Festival, especially the volunteers who worked so hard to make it a success. Old Blue Sound did a great job making all the bands sound good this past weekend, emcee Marty Warburton kept the crowd laughing, and Randy Gray, the festival promoter did a super job making it all come together. Sideline is expected to be home on Tuesday.