Sideline arrives in Arizona

Sideline at Porter Barn Wood in Phoenix, AZ (2/9/17)

This article, and others that will come this week as Sideline tours the western US, is a contribution from Glenn Wright of Guy Raleigh Management. He is accompanying the band and will provide regular updates on their road exploits and stage performances.

Sideline has arrived in Arizona, and after three days of steady driving, is ready for the first show on this west coast leg of the Colors and Crossroads tour. The morning started with some basic bus maintenance, refilling the water tanks, checking fluids and even getting the bus washed so it looked clean when they rolled into Phoenix this afternoon. Jason Moore has been pulling bus maintenance duty for the band since they received the bus late last year.

According to Troy Boone, this trip has allowed him time to hang out with all the band members and learn new songs. Boone from Erwin, Tennessee said, “This is the longest road trip I’ve ever been on, I had no idea what to expect but it’s been fun and productive.”  The front seats of the bus have been busy with some fine pickin’ this trip, which was occasionally paused for some views of beautiful scenery.

The Thursday show at Porter Barn Wood, in Phoenix, drew a near capacity crowd “It’s great to see our friends, new and old, come out to visit with us,” stated Steve Dilling. “We met some incredible people and had a great time.” Nathan Aldridge has made the trip with Sideline before, most recently last November, still he feels every trip is a chance to meet new people and enjoys the traveling. Aldridge, a senior in high school who graduates later this year, spent some of the trip doing homework so he could stay current in school.

Sideline drove from Phoenix to Bullhead City after Thursday’s show for a benefit Friday night in support of Tri-State Military Moms and Veterans Resource Center. They’ll stay in Bullhead City to do four shows over two days at the long running and very popular Bullhead City Colorado River Bluegrass Music Festival on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday the band begins to make the trip back east, and will be performing at the Joe Val Bluegrass Music Festival on February 18, 2017 in Framingham Massachusetts.

Sideline wants everyone to know they really appreciates all the support and encouraging messages during the trip and will continue to update everyone on their journey through social media and Bluegrass Today.