Seven Devils (Limbo) video from The Kitchen Dwellers

The Kitchen Dwellers are an interesting band to consider, from a bluegrass perspective.

They exist within the typical four-piece bluegrass format – guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass – but use the instruments to record and perform music that would never be welcomed at Bean Blossom. A traditional bluegrass fan living in central Kentucky might live their whole life without ever hearing their name, and yet they sell out shows all across the US playing to enthusiastic, mostly younger audiences who would tell you that they are listening to bluegrass.

It creates an intriguing dichotomy for grassers trying to put the Dwellers in a familiar box.

Subject material likewise comes from a different perspective. Their latest single, Seven Devils (Limbo), and music video, draw’s its inspiration from The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri’s early 14th century masterpiece, in particular, Inferno, where Dante takes the reader on an allegorical journey through the nine levels of hell.

Listen as the band uses bluegrass instruments, first in what you might describe as a rock idiom, followed closely by a driving bluegrass vibe, switching back and forth throughout the song.

The Kitchen Dwellers are Torrin Daniels on banjo, Shawn Swain on mandolin, Max Davies on guitar, and Joe Funk on bass.

Have a look/listen to Seven Devils (Limbo)

Seven Devils (Limbo) is available now as a single from popular download and streaming services online. The track will be included on the band’s next full-length project, Seven Devils, due on March 1 from No Coincidence Records. Pre-orders for the album are enabled online.

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