Seeking Intern Bloggers for IBMA

This year’s IBMA World of Bluegrass is almost upon us. John and I are working on our plans for this year’s event and we’ve found that we have quite a lot going on this year. We’ll be sharing much of our activities with you as the event draws nearer, but suffice it to say that we are feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the work load in front of us. In an effort to take some of the pressure off us and still keep the blog up-to-the-minute during the week’s events, we are seeking Intern Bloggers for that week. Here’s how it would work.

If you become an Intern Blogger for the event you will be asked to cover certain aspects or functions of the event. We will teach you everything you need to know about the admin interface for writing blog posts, but you must have your own laptop computer from which to work. We will be able to provide press credentials as needed, you will however need to obtain your own registration for the event. Each post you make will contain a short informational bio and a link to your website, if you have one, much like our Guest Contributor posts. Advertising and promotional consideration will be given to each IB who contributes regularly during the week. While we are looking for a number of people to help with general coverage of the event in this way, we will be asking two of those persons to provide special live coverage of the IBMA Awards Show. These two IB’s will be given extra consideration when arranging advertising and promotional compensation.

Interested candidates are invited to contact us with any relevant experience, writing samples and areas of particular expertise. The number of IB positions are limited, but all submissions will be seriously considered.

John adds: While we are seeking a number of bloggers to assist in generalized, ongoing coverage of the IBMA week (late night showcases, exhibit hall offerings, non-official jams and off-site events, for example), we will also welcome more limited involvement. For example, you could agree to report on only a single seminar or session where you have a particular interest, and which you plan to attend, as one correspondent has already offered to do.