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Randy KohrsWe just received an update from Randy Kohrs about the Scheerhorn Guitars CD we had posted about back in December.

The CD is being recorded in Randy’s Slack Key Studio to showcase Tim Scheerhorn’s celebrated instruments, featuring many of the pro players who use Scheerhorn resophonic guitars.

Mike Witcher, Jimmy Ross, Andy Hall, Tim Scheerhorn, Bruce Bouton, Justin Moses, Lou Wamp have finished their recordings. The Scheerhorn Banjo is featured on Jimmy Ross’ cut (played by Scott Vestal) with the Scheerhorn acoustic guitar featured on Tim’s cut, played by his band mate Kevin Gaugier. We also have a Sally Van Meter/Randy Kohrs duet (we recorded a number of years ago in a loft in Telluride).

I went electric on you all and used the Scheerhorn Lap on an old blues cover. Richard Smith is slated to come in and use the Scheerhorn acoustic guitar for a solo track and Billy Cardine is scheduled to do the same with a classical tune for Reso. We have let each player produce their own track and it is coming out very personably. Every player is using the same stereo mic and preamp combination of a pair of Peluso P-28’s and vintage Telefunken V-72 mic pres with the exception of the Sally Van Meter cut which was cut on a single Earthworks QTC-1 in 1999 atTelluride, and the Scheerhorn Lap which is electrified through an old Fender Deluxe, a Royer 121 Ribbon into a Universal Audio LA-610.

Several more players are slated to come in soon and I will try to keep you updated. I am really enjoying making this CD and look forward to having it out this summer. With so many fantastic players in the world, there is even talk of a volume 2 already.

We’ll be sure to share any news we get about this project.

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