Scene and Heard Backstage

Some minor technical snafus and I am back.

Andrea Roberts, booking goddess extraordinaire and fellow Grascal wife, is acting as something of a Stage Manager for the evening. (She wouldn’t tell me her official title so I’m giving her that title). She says that everybody is “behaving and doing what they’re supposed to do.”

I’ve been roaming around while the server has been down and everything does seem to be going smoothly. Well, except for Sheri Easter. She is having some allergy troubles (welcome to autumn in Middle Tennessee) and she left her nose spray on the bus. “I don’t have a key to Mama’and them’s bus” she told me. “Mama and Them” being the illustrious Lewis Family, who are being inducted into the prestigous Hall of Honor.

It’s great to see all the Lewis Clan here, especially Janis Lewis Phillips who, next week, is having some very serious surgery and she delayed the procedure so she wouldn’t miss tonight. Keep her in your prayers.