Scary Prairie Creeper from Under The Rocks

British Columbia’s Under The Rocks have a new album in the works, and are teasing its eventual release with a music video for one of the tracks with the eerie title, Scary Prairie Creeper. This string quartet is quite popular in western Canada, where their focus on thoughtful original material, and a fun live performance vibe makes them new fans wherever they play.

The band consists of Chris Baxter on banjo and mandolin, Jordan Klassen on guitar, Khloe Davidson on fiddle, and Nils Loewen on bass. All save Nils share in vocal duties.

Scary Prairie Creeper finds Jordan on lead vocals as he tells the tale of a guy who has wrecked his life, and has a fairly strange experience trying to get back home.

Check out the live music video…

Under The Rocks is handling sales and promotion for the new album via a crowdfunding campaign, where fans can pre-purchase a copy by pledging on Kickstarter. They have already raised more than half of the funds they need to cover their studio budget, and have several merch packages associated with this project as rewards for people who make a pledge.

To explain their goals with this second studio album, Honest Try, Under The Rocks put together this video, which contains interviews with band members along with snippets of the title track.

You can learn more about Under The Rocks by visiting them online. If you enjoy their music, you can participate in the making of Honest Try at their Kickstarter page.

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