Robin Davis, Casey Henry to the Bee-Liners

Robin DavisColorado guitar picker Robin Davis has joined forces with the Dixie Bee-Liners. Former guitarist Jonathan Maness left the group in June, and the Bee-Liners had been touring with fill-ins until Robin came on board.

Buddy Woodward, mandolinist and co-manager of the group, says that Davis only recently popped up on their radar.

“We met Robin a few months ago when he was living in Nashville. Jeremy our bass player ran into him somewhere and suggested we keep an eye on him.”

Maness is now playing mandolin with The Watkins Family.

Casey Henry on the Opry with Michael Martin MurpheyCasey Henry has also joined the Bee-Liners on banjo. Casey has performed with a number of bluegrass groups, and toured recently with Michael Martin Murphey. She is a featured instructor on several videos for The Murphy Method, and is a regular columnist for Banjo NewsLetter.

Bee-Liner Brandi Hart tells us that…

“Casey is a Scruggs-style player who learned to play banjo at her mother’s knee.  A well-respected member of the bluegrass community, Casey has a knack for writing nifty instrumentals.”

The band now consists of Brandi Hart on guitar and lead vocals, Buddy Woodward on mandolin, and Rachel Renee Johnson on fiddle, with Davis on guitar and Henry on banjo. Robin and Buddy are now officially outnumbered in the band.

You can find Dixie Bee-Liner fall tour dates on the band’s web site.

UPDATE 9/5: Oops! Buddy Woodward just sent this via a post comment…

Hey guys, thanks so much for the press, but you forgot to mention our awesome bassplayer Jeremy Darrow…which means the boys & the girls are evenly matched in the Bee-Liners, three of each, enough for an Intramural dodgeball team. ;)

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  • mtndas

    I’m looking forward to hearing this lineup of talented musicians. Keep your eyes and ears open for Robin Davis with the Bee-Liners. He’s one of a kind and will no doubt add greatly to a one of a kind band.

    I’m an old friend of Robin’s and once put together a bio for him. Here it is if folks out there are wondering a little bit more on the guy:

    Robin Davis and his guitar are one in the same. In his hands is a 1956 Martin D-21, a rogue guitar in a flat picking world of 1940’s D-18s and modern custom Collings. He prefers older strings so that the notes he’s hitting, “sound like the wood of my guitar instead of the steal of the string”. The body of the instrument shows its age with well-warn dark patches down into the grain of the spruce and Brazilian rosewood.

    And matching this rogue guitar is a rogue musician; an underground picker and singer who is admired and talked about by some of the best bluegrass musicians in the Nation, but known by only a handful of friends and family in and around the Southwestern United States. The lucky ones that have had the opportunity to see him play have become quick fans to Robin’s dark, rhythmical, low lonesome tones when playing and singing.

    Robin’s upbringing was rural and musical. Born and raised in the mountains of Southwestern Colorado, his banjo picking Father helped to introduce Robin to the classic sounds of Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Tony Rice and Clarence White. Robin continued his musical education by having an ear for the next generation of guitar greats: Larry Keel, Andy Falco, Chris Eldridge, Cody Kilby… An already seasoned musician at a young age, Robin has now created his own sound that is both rapid fire as notes pour from his instrument, and heavy as bass bends and unexpected chords surprise the listener.

    There are many listeners of bluegrass music that have been anticipating the day when Robin Davis and his D-21 hit the streets and are on the scene. Equally, there are many well known bluegrass musicians that are looking forward to Robin’s unique sound to become a part of ongoing evolution of the genre.

    “Robin Davis is one of the best musicians in Colorado. His guitar playing reminds me of Clarence White.”
    -Gene Libbea

    “Robin’s a musicians‚Äô musician. He’s never been one for emulation, ever since I met him 6 or 7 years ago, he’s been seeking out his own sound. Lucky for us, I think he’s found it.”
    -Travis Book

  • budrocket

    Hey guys, thanks so much for the press, but you forgot to mention our awesome bassplayer Jeremy Darrow…which means the boys & the girls are evenly matched in the Bee-Liners, three of each, enough for an Intramural dodgeball team. 😉
    – Buddy Woodward

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