Rhonda Vincent cancels shows

Once again, Rhonda Vincent has been forced to cancel some shows owing to a sudden hospitalization. According to her fan club president, she was taken to the hospital for some tests to determine the reason why she had become severely dehydrated.

The following shows have been canceled:

8/4 – East Hartford, CT; 8/5- Luray, VA; 8/6 – Indianapolis, IN

Her web site may be the best place to check for further updates as we all wish her well and hope to see that Martha White bus rolling again soon.

UPDATE: They are now reporting that Rhonda underwent surgery on Tuesday evening (8/2) and is recovering.

UPDATE 2: A statement has been posted on the official Rhonda Vincent site from her husband and manager, Herb Sandker.

Hi folks,

First of all, Rhonda and myself would like to thank you for all your prayers, and messages. She see’s, and reads all of them.

On Tuesday at approximately 1:30, she was taken to surgery by Dr. Peters (One of the leading surgeons in this field) to fix a section of her large intestine. It was determined on Sunday that she had massive amounts of air in the lining of her intestine. Large doses of antibiotics was administered to alleviate this problem. After attempts to digest solid food was unsuccessful, it was determined that the part of her intestine that was inflamed with the air, would need to go. About 30% of her large intestine was removed, and the rest reattached. (No bags!!!!!)

Needless to say Tuesday night was pretty miserable for her, as she suffered with back spasm’s, and pain from the surgery. Wed. am found more of the same. Blood pressure was also a major factor, as it was running very low. The Dr. assured us, that this was fairly normal, and he wanted to get her up, and walking ASAP. After 1 trip down the hall, and back, it was time to head back to bed. I’m happy to report, as of this posting (2:25 pm CDT) her blood pressure has stabilized, and she is starting to complain, which is a good sign that she is getting back to normal.

Once again we would like to thank our Rager family, for all your support, and prayers. Rhonda is a tough ole bird, and will bounce back as soon as possible, and along with the Rage, will be back touring and entertaining in the coming weeks Stay tuned to this station for further updates.

Dr. Herb

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