Red Line Resophonics

Red Line ResophonicsEarlier this year at the SPBGMA convention in Nashville, TN, Red Line Resophonics showcased their instruments for the first time. Red Line Resophonics is run by Steve Smith of Cumberland Acoustic, a company that produces bridges for mandolins and banjos, as well as truss rods, pick guards, resonators, and more.

Steve has previously worked for Gibson in their Original Acoustic Instruments division, and brings that experience to the creation of this new line of resophonic guitars.

Red Line Resophonics utilizes a combination of traditional body shapes and contemporary sound-well and bracing designs, along with other techniques. There are two primary models being offered at this time.

The standard model consists of all solid wood parts (your choice of woods), an ebony fingerboard, and a number of custom options. The standard model is priced at $1950 with a handful of the custom options adding a few dollars to the price tag. Some custom options, or choices, do not affect the final price.

The rambler model is designed for those who are not able to spend quite as much. The rambler is constructed of solid birch neck and sides, with laminated birch top and back, and a rosewood fingerboard. The cost of the rambler is only $950.

Both models are constructed entirely in America by the team at Red Line Resophonics . No kits or kit parts are used in either model.