Railroad Earth at The Intersection in Grand Rapids

This post is a contribution from Bryan Bolea with 529 Photography, a connoisseur of modern bluegrass and contemporary acoustic music in Ann Arbor, MI.

After recording a February 29 show at The Caverns, Railroad Earth headed north for shows in Indianapolis and Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I was fortunate to catch them, before the COVID-19 pandemic began to close venues and cancel shows.

Though the folks filing into The Intersection for the March 4 midweek show could not have known this would be among the last shows they’d be able to see for awhile, they couldn’t have made a better choice as the band’s musicianship and intensity fueled the crowd’s energy, and the onstage interplay pushed the Jam Meter to 10 and kept it there all night.

If there has to be a break in the music schedule, that was definitely a good one to go out on.