Price I Pay – new single from Darin & Brooke Aldridge

The latest single from Darin & Brooke Aldridge is a re-imagined spin on the Desert Rose Band classic, Price I Pay.

Darin and Brooke pack the same show-stopper spirit into their all acoustic rendition of the song; they have flawlessly melded country drive and bluegrass feeling together through scorching guitar runs and swinging, southern harmonies. The duo even invited original Desert Rose Band guitarist John Jorgenson to pick the song’s signature, barn-burner intro. The lyrics fit the traditional Darin and Brooke vibe, telling the story of two people who couldn’t be more in love, and are willing to sacrifice to be together, even if it means long nights and miles apart. 

Darin explains why and how he and Brooke decided to record Price I Pay.

“They’d [The Desert Rose Band] actually cut this song with Emmylou Harris, and Brooke had heard that version. I said, ‘Well, that’s John and them playing,’ and she said, ‘That’d be a good tune for us to do.’

About a year went by, and we decided to work it up and do it. I said, ‘If we’re gonna do it, we’ll do it right and we’ll ask John to play the guitar on it.'”

Brooke continued by sharing why the song was a special one for them to have a chance to record.

“Well, I think The Price I Pay was a special song, kind of a full circle moment for Darin, especially, because he’s had the honor of touring with John Jorgenson and his bluegrass band on many different occasions.”

This song is sure to become a standout for the couple, especially during their live shows. “The Desert Rose Band used to close out their sets with it, but we’re going to use it to open sets,” Brooke said. 

The recording features John Jorgensen and Cody Kilby on guitar, Samantha Snyder on fiddle, Matt Menefee on banjo, Mark Fain on bass, Lynn Williams on drums, and Darin on mandolin. 

Price I Pay is available from all major streaming services and is available to broadcasters on AirPlay Direct

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