Poll: Lord of the Fiddle-Face

Halloween seems an appropriate day to release out gallery of Fiddle Faces. Some of these were sent in from readers. A couple of them are my own entries from the original post.

Take a look at all the Fiddle Faces and then place your vote for the Fiddle Face you think best represents

The demanding art of disfiguring your face like a rock guitarist

Alison Krauss at Bonnaroo

Fletcher Bright

Samantha Snyder

The Fiddle Face of Mike Hartgrove

The Fiddle Face of Gabe Witcher

Natalie McMaster

Kenny Baker

Vassar Clements

Randy Crouch demonstrates a great fiddle face.

Bobby Hicks has a stern fiddle face

Jim Van Cleve's fiddle face with Barry Abernathy providing a banjo face in the background

The best fiddle-face?

Options in the poll are not necessarily presented in the order in which the thumbnails appear above. Please consult the image pop-up caption for the name if you aren’t sure.