Pickin’ in the Kitchen debuts with Carley Arrowood and Daniel Thrailkill

Bluegrass sweethearts, Carley Arrowood, fiddle extraordinaire and Mountain Home recording artist, and Daniel Thrailkill, guitarist and lead vocalist of the Trailblazers, are launching a new YouTube series this weekend. It will feature recipes and tunes that relate to the recipes they prepare.

Carley shared her vision for the project.

Pickin’ in the Kitchen was an idea I had back in the summertime when our families’ gardens were in their prime. Daniel’s grandparents were getting loads of peaches, and my family was getting a lot of blueberries and blackberries from our backyard. I wanted to share some fun recipes I had been trying, as well as some good music with people, just as a way to stay connected in the time of quarantine. The idea was talked about quite a bit, but like a lot of things, it got pushed to the back burner in all the busyness of our lives (we’re both just beyond blessed to still be doing what we’re doing).

But, we are very happy to finally be giving people yummy things to try just in time for Thanksgiving! I love seeing people’s reactions and responses to the things we share, just knowing that it makes them smile, and I think that is the main goal of Pickin’ in the Kitchen: to bring a sense of togetherness in this crazy time apart.”

Daniel stressed, “Pickin’ in the Kitchen was Carley’s awesome idea! She was so excited when she told me about it, and I immediately knew it would be something special. Our families share a love for cooking, and we’ve come across so many people in the bluegrass world with a love for good food. Our goal is to make Pickin’ in the Kitchen a fun way to introduce ourselves and some friends that love to cook and pick!”

Carley added, “This new series is being launched for you to try our recipes for all your family meals! The videos of our tunes will be posted on YouTube and linked to my blog at carleyarrowoodmusic.com, and the recipes will be shared below the video links. We will share the blog links via Facebook. Each song we play will relate in some way to the recipes! We look forward to getting folks some good food and good music. We hope you’ll join us for Pickin’ in the Kitchen!

Episode 1, the inaugural ‘Pickin’ in the Kitchen’ blog, went live today at 12:00 p.m., and will be shared on all social medias.

Carley is enthusiastic over their new project. “Daniel and I have been working on something super fun and we are SO excited to finally share it! Get ready for some Pickin’ in the Kitchen! Let us know if you try the recipes and how you like them! This is going to be so much fun!”

“Carley and I are mixing up something good. We’re stirring the pot. We’re sprinkling joy into your newsfeed. Y’all be watching for some great stuff,” concluded Daniel.

Be sure and check out Pickin’ in the Kitchen!

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