Phil Leadbetter leaving Wildfire

Phil LeadbetterPhil Leadbetter has announced his resignation from Wildfire, the band he helped create in 2001. Since the band’s inception, Phil along with Curt Chapman, Robert Hale, Barry Crabtree and Darrell Webb have recorded 3 CDs for the Pinecastle record label. Phil has expressed his deep appreciation for his fellow band mates, but says he feels it’s important for him to move in a new direction.

I feel it is important in my career to begin a new page. I am ready to pursue a new path, and have no desire to hold any of the guys in Wildfire back or jeopardize their band. Therefore, I decided it was time to move on.

Phil is leaving the band on good terms and Wildfire will be honoring all commitments for show dates currently on the books. The band also has plans to move forward. I spoke with Curt Chapman and got this comment from him.

We will continue on with the same people, minus Phil. We are looking at some players now. Phil left on very good terms, he just wanted to go in a little different direction & we all understand. Unfortunately, change is a part of the business. We were very lucky to have kept the same 5 people for 6 yrs. Hopefully we won’t make another change for 6 more. Wildfire will be going into the studio this winter & get another CD out. Everything remains the same . We are looking forward to seeing our fans next year on the road!

Phil has also teased us all with the promise of an announcement on December 1st as to what his future plans are. Sounds interesting…look for the news here on Friday!