Peter Rowan in Europe with Red Wine

Legendary singer/songwriter Peter Rowan and Italian bluegrass band Red Wine have linked up to play some prestigious dates in Europe this month.

This working relationship goes back about 20 years as Red Wine’s banjo player Silvio Ferretti recollects ……

“First time we played with Peter Rowan – sort of an on-stage jam – was in a town in the Rome area in 1988, I believe. Then we sort of lost tracks for a while, though we met occasionally both in the USA and in Italy. We did a tour together and he was our guest at the Red Wine Bluegrass Party in 2012, we played a couple more gigs in Italy in 2015 (I think), and now this tour.”

Speaking prior to leaving for Europe, Rowan commented ….

“After taking a break and catching my breath, I jumped into the deep end of the pool last weekend at MerleFest to play five sets in three days. It was great to be back with my fellow musicians and the fantastic fans.

I am really looking forward to my time with Red Wine in May – we have played together several times in the past and I love riding in their groove.”

Silvio says the he enjoys touring and playing with Rowan ……….

“Peter is an incredible guy to travel with, funny as hell, and as good a friend as your childhood pal next door. We have our nicknames and inside jokes, and every time it’s a blast. Music-wise it’s an ongoing surprise every time we step on stage: no matter what we may have rehearsed, songs change in arrangement as we play, new ones pop up (sometimes unknown to some of us…), and the energy level is always miles above our real one… Bill Monroe style, if you will. Definitely something we always look forward to doing, with a Master we look up to.”

Last night they played at the Pfleghof Langenau, Langenau, north-west of Munich, Germany. 

Further dates are as follows, beginning tonight.

Additionally, Rowan has been invited to the wedding of Rosťa Čapek and Iva Louková, and will enjoy the celebrations over two days in Czech Republic. 

  • May 15, Tuesday; Prague (with Radim Zenkl)  OREA Hotel Pyramida (Hall Dlabačov) Bělohorská 24, Prague 6 
  • May 16, Wednesday; Prague (wedding party)

Also playing during these two days are Rob Ickes, Trey Hensley, Greg Cahill, Martino Coppo, Radim Zenkl, Ned Luberecki and Sierra Hull. 

Rowan’s latest CD Carter Stanley’s Eyes (Rebel Records 1861) was released on April 20, 2018. It has received many complimentary reviews.  

In this video made at the Red Wine Blue Grass Party (mentioned above), which took place in October 2012, in the band’s home town Genova, Italy, Peter Rowan and Red Wine sing one of Rowan’s more popular songs from the late 1970s, Midnite Moonlite 

Red Wine, with the band celebrating its 40th year, are individually Silvio Ferretti (banjo), Martino Coppo (mandolin), Marco Ferretti (guitar) and Lucas Bellotti (electric bass). They all share the vocal duties.

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