Pam Setser to receive Arkansas Governor’s Arts Award

Arkansas bluegrass artist Pam Setser has been singled out for special notice, and will receive the 2024 Arkansas Governor’s Arts Award for her lifetime’s work in traditional music, and for her work in Arts Community Development in the state.

Bluegrass’s know Setser for her multitude of solo projects, and recent work with Brad Apple as Apple & Setser.

She will accept her award on March 8, 2024 in Little Rock, along with fellow recipients Garbo Hearne, Virmarie DePoyster, Tony Waller, and General Mills in Rogers.

This isn’t Pam’s only award of late, as she unexpectedly also received the George D. Hayes Cabin Award in October from the George D. Hay Society. Her efforts at preserving Ozark traditional music were noted, as part of the region’s deep connection with the Grand Ole Opry, which was founded by Hay in 1927 in his alter ego as the “Solemn Old Judge.”

Many congratulations to Pam for both of these distinct honors. Well done!

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