Pam Gadd interview – part 2

Pam Gadd - Benefit Of DoubtHere is the second part of our interview with Pam Gadd about her new CD, Benefit Of Doubt. In the first part of our discussion, Pam talked about her early exposure to bluegrass music, and how she chose the musicians for the new album.

In the second installment, Pam talks about a number of the songs she chose for this project (with audio samples).

Farewell Wagon MasterListen now: []

“This one is a heart breaker for me. And yet, a true tribute to Porter Wagoner, a man I grew up watching on TV and who I later stood next to on the Opry stage and who was my buddy. That part of my life was a totally unexpected experience, and it enriched me greatly. I can’t say enough about the Opry experience, and I’m so grateful for the friendship, performance, and recording that I did with Porter. He really was a great country artist, and I am so proud.

As I stood by his grave on the day he was buried, in the silence before we all departed, I felt so compelled to start singing ‘Yes, they’ll all come to see me, in the shade of that old oak tree when they lay me beneath the green, green grass of home.’ I just didn’t have the nerve. But I was so struck to stand there and realize that it had finally really came true. I’m forever grateful that it came inside my head from the great Giver of songs.”

Just Love Me – Listen now: []

“This was the first song I’d written in quite some time, and Benefit of Doubt came along right after it. They were both happy, bright songs- actually inspired by the same person I was in relationship with at the time. I was just happy and in love and in love with music again. It had been a long time since I’d felt so inspired to pick and write.

When we recorded these songs for the CD, it was so wonderful to work with Bryan Sutton and Wanda Vick, well everyone – and hear these songs with full accompaniment. I wrote both of them on the banjo, which is a bit unusual for me.”

You can hear samples from all 14 tracks by visiting Pam’s web site.

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