Paige to introduce new capo at NAMM

The Paige Clik capoPaige Musical Products has announced that the latest iteration of their popular Paige Capo, The Clik, will be unveiled at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville later this month.

Like the original Paige capo designs, The Clik uses a direct center tension mechanism and the “store behind the nut” design that most acoustic musicians prefer.

Amber Slade, Director of Marketing for Paige, tells us that The Clik starts with the tried and true Paige design, built with a simpler structure, and incorporating some new twists to allow for quicker capo changes.

Our products have maintained a direct center tension design since 1988. This design which we’ve of course maintained in The Clik is now complimented by the following features:

  • A finish safe tubing to protect all contact points of the instrument and capo.
  • A quicker locking and releasing bar
  • An advanced quick release mechanism with precision adjustment.

To extrapolate on this feature, our line of original Paige Capos included a screw feature used for both applying and releasing the capo. The Clik maintains the screw feature but now with an innovative button (release mechanism) that aids in quick release. As illustrated in our packaging instructions: The screw is pushed toward the neck until the last click is heard. The tension is then finely adjusted until the strings voice clearly.

Because of the new mechanism, precision adjustment is maintained with the availability of a quick change action. All the while eliminating any string buzz or muting because it will never pull from the side.

The Clik will be available for all the current Paige capo models. Pricing has not been officially settled, and will be announced at NAMM (July 17-19), but $29.95 seems to be where they expected it will be listed.

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