NYT: Celebrating the Sounds of Appalachian Strings

FiddlerThe New York Times travel section recently ran an article highlighting the 85th annual Ole Time Fiddler’s and Bluegrass Festival in Union Grove, N.C.

The article is a full two pages long and presents the festival and accompanying contest in a positive light. Quite a bit of attention is given to the younger generation of players who are now competing and jamming at these events.

The author was obviously not a bluegrass and old-time aficionado, but appears to have really enjoyed himself at the festival. I can’t help but think many more people would respond in like manner. They may not know much about the music, may even have some preconceived notions concerning it, but get them to a live event and let them experience the excitement and musicality of it, and they’ll walk away at least having enjoyed themselves, if not having become a disciple of the genre.