No More Blue Moons in Kentucky from Caroline Owens

Caroline Owens’ second single, No More Blue Moons in Kentucky, for Nashville’s Skyline Records, drops today.

The twice-nominated IBMA Momentum Vocalist is joined on the song by the harmonies of Darin & Brooke Aldridge, who appear courtesy of Billy Blue Records. Written by the Aldridges and Dennis K Duff, this is a deeply emotional ballad, laden with tones of loss, longing, and heartache. The song begins with a twin fiddle intro and concludes with a powerful vocal outro by Owens, a clear and definitive stamp asserting her powerful presence within the bluegrass genre. 

Owens shared…

“I knew from the moment that I heard this song that I wanted to record it. I’ve always been a sucker for a sad song, and this one hits me right in the heart every single time. It’s one of those songs that I know I will have to mentally remove myself from before I sing it; it hits that deep. 

I was fortune to have my musical heroes, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, featured on this track – a lifelong dream of mine, and an absolute blast to work with in the studio.”

Brooke interjected…

“We’re not typically known for writing or performing sad songs, but when our friend and co-writer Dennis Duff presented us with the idea for No More Blue Moons, we loved the direction he envisioned for it. Dennis wanted the song to have that ‘high lonesome sound’ like Bill Monroe often had in his music. As our thoughts shifted to inspiration from the Father of Bluegrass, Darin quickly came up with the melody. Within an hour, No More Blue Moons was created!”

Darin added…

“We’ve known Caroline Owens for several years now. From the first time we heard her sing with that distinctive voice, we knew that her future is bright! I was excited when Caroline and her mom, Jenny, asked me to help produce Caroline’s album. As she was searching for songs, Brooke and I decided that No More Blue Moons had Caroline’s name all over it.

Her performance is filled with heart-wrenching emotion, giving the song exactly what it needed. We loved singing background vocals on the track, and we are excited for y’all to hear that ‘high lonesome sound’ that Caroline so beautifully delivers in No More Blue Moons.”

The recording includes the musicianship of: Darin Aldridge on mandolin and rhythm guitar, Bryan McDowell on twin fiddles, and Tim Surrett on bass.

Owens concluded…

“Many thanks to each and every musician who lent their talents to this track – I couldn’t be more proud to have had them featured. I know I speak for all artists when I say that it takes a village to do what we do. And I am thankful for that village, and to everyone who has supported the release of No More Blue Moons.

We put our hearts and souls into the making of this single, and I hope that will resonate with each and every one who listens. And as always, many thanks to my record label, Skyline Records, for their belief in me.”

No More Blue Moons in Kentucky is available now from popular download and streaming services online, and to radio via AirPlay Direct.

You can follow Caroline Owens via her official web site, or on Facebook and Instagram.

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