New music from Appalachian Road Show this year

Appalachian Road Show is hard at work in the studio, creating brand new music for Billy Blue Records.

Barry Abernathy, ARS banjoist, shared, “This is just a few seconds of live recording for our new upcoming project. We have been in the studio and have a new album slated for release later in the year.”

Fiddler Jim Van Cleve, noted, “We recorded at Peter Frampton’s personal studio with Shani Ghandi, who is a multiple Grammy winner. The microphones on Todd’s bass are Alison Krauss’s personal vocal mics, and the bass itself is the same one he used on all the Tony Rice and Bluegrass Album Band records. Pretty cool!”

Van Cleve elaborated on the band’s choice of instruments for these sessions.

“Zeb played his D-28 Martin, previously owned by Phil Rosenthal of the Seldom Scene. The fiddle I’m playing was put together for me by Stuart Duncan. Barry is played his Abernathy model Prucha banjo, and Darrell played his legendary Hutto mandolin. We will have guest appearances by Ron Stewart and Victor Furtado, both of whom are monsters and good friends. Possibly a couple more surprise guests as well!”

We feel like this new record is going to be a very compelling and a fresh new step and sonic aesthetic for Appalachian Road Show. We’re so excited!

Recently, we gave ourselves a little vacation, and we’re about to hit the road full blast again starting this weekend in Florida. We begin in my hometown of Sarasota, and we won’t stop until winter break.”

Abernathy shared details about another recording in the works. “Also, Zeb [Snyder, ARS guitarist] is in the studio next week doing a solo project with Todd Phillips, Sam Bush, and Jason Carter.”

In a phone interview from Nashville, Snyder provided additional information on his solo recording.

“I’m doing an acoustic blues-based album. When I had the idea, it basically all came together. 

It’s half original and half covers. There’s good variety with four instrumentals and six vocals: quartets, duos, and solos.

I’ve not done any lead singing in the studio since 2016 or ’17 with The Snyder Family, so I’m overdue. We’re recording with Dewey Boyd (Skaggs and Tyminski’s live sound guy) in 4115 Studio in Nashville. I’m excited. I’ve got a great bunch of musicians.”

Abernathy concluded, “We also have a season full of live festivals and theaters all across the country. Come be with us!”

Bluegrass Today will keep everyone updated on as the recordings progress.

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