New morning show on WNCW

WNCW FMWNCW, which broadcasts at 88.7 FM from Spindale, NC, has announced another hour of bluegrass programming daily, starting on Monday, August 4.

The new show, Mountain Morning, will air from 6:00-7:00 a.m. (eastern) each Monday through Friday morning, hosted by Jerry McNeely. WNCW Technical Director and weekend host Dennis Jones says that when the new show debuts this week, it will bring their bluegrass programming to 16 hours weekly.

“The unbelievable support and astounding ratings for Goin’ Across The Mountain on Saturday shows that Traditional and Contemporary Bluegrass is what listeners want. Thanks to all who have made it possible for us to offer the ‘real deal’ Bluegrass available over an FM signal that covers 5 states….6 on good days.

It’s really a thrill to know how important the music we all love so much, is gaining air time on a station’s main channel; not regulated to the internet or a side channel that requires buying a new radio. Morning drive time for many is in this hour, or folks getting ready to head out for the day will be able to have another source for Bluegrass music in our listening area…as well as on-line world wide.

This truly makes WNCW a Flagship Bluegrass station and we will continue to try our best to deliver the quality programming so many have come to expect.”

As Dennis intimated, the WNCW signal can be heard in a wide radius from Charlotte, NC, and bluegrass lovers worldwide can catch Mountain Morning streamed live from WNCW’s website.

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