Nedski & Mojo and The Doctor

Ned Luberecki and Stephen Mougin toured last month in England, and Stephen is sending along a travelogue of their time across the pond. Their final day found Nedski in Nerdville.

mind_your_headIt was a busy day! No gigs, but a quick trip into the center of London to drop off the Fishman gear, then return the rental car.

They told us that Saturday would be slow in London… they were wrong. Or our definition of slow is different. We gave ourselves an extra hour, and still managed to drop the car off about thirty minutes late. The car company understood. They know. It’s impossible to drive there!

We had a nice Tube adventure because of where the rental car place was (Victoria Station) and where the hotel was (Heathrow). The train is great, unless you have luggage. Most train switches involve LONG flights of stairs. Fun.

We found a hotel and a local restaurant and were just about to settle for the evening when Ned started to chuckle. I always know something’s up when that happens.

Ned LubereckiYou see, Ned is a Dr Who fan. The 50th Anniversary Episode is on tonight, and we’re in London. Excitement builds.

He found a 3D show on Tottingham Road, bought tickets, and went out to see it. He said it was the nerdiest thing he’s done all year! I’ve not seen the series and I wasn’t interested in a forty minute train ride back to London AND the crowds that went with it.

It has been a wonderful trip and we’re already talking about when we can come back and where we’d like to go next! Thanks UK, you’ve been fun!

We want to thank Sophia and the Toy Hearts for the booking assistance, and Fishman Acoustic Amplification for sponsoring our tour!

Now it’s back to the USA just in time for Thanksgiving! Perfect!

FYI to Musicians: I discovered on Sunday that Virgin Airlines has a strict “no instruments on the plane policy,” which they failed to mention when I walked on with my gig bag on the 10th. It wasn’t clear that I’d be able to get my guitar on until the final moment (after much begging and pleading).

A VERY scary wait at the airport!!! I will say that the plane was only at 50% capacity on both flights (to and from), but that’s the only thing that saved my 6’1″ frame from the miniature seats. To any musicians traveling abroad, I’d skip this airline in the future!

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  • Justus Waldron

    Ned is a Doctor Who fan? I like this guy more all the time! The nerd in me enjoys seeing other bluegrassers as fans of the High & Lonesomest man in the universe…

    • Ned Luberecki

      What Stephen left out is that I said it was the nerdiest thing I’d done all year, AND that I’d been to Comic-Con earlier this year! The tour certainly would have been easier if we had a TARDIS.

      I would also like to echo Stephen in thanking everyone who helped us on the tour, including the Toy Hearts, Fishman, Jason Brown, and all who hosted us for shows and lodging! It was a great time, a fun tour and we can’t wait to go back again!

      Special note to other Doctor Who fans: My last sighting of the TARDIS was just outside the Earl’s Court tube station. That’s gotta be named for Earl Scruggs, right?