Nedski and Mojo Travelogue – Day 1

Ned Luberecki and Stephen Mougin are a pair of busy bluegrass boys. Both serve as sidemen and band members with different outfits (Chris Jones and Sam Bush respectively), and have “regular jobs” in the biz as well. Ned is an on-air host on Sirius-XM’s Bluegrass Junction, and Stephen operates a studio, Dark Shadow Recording. When they have some free time, they tour as a duo, Nedski & Mojo.

They have agreed to chronicle their current N&M tour for the readers of Bluegrass Today. Day 1, forthwith.

Day one begins with the ceremonial picking-up of the rental car and the haggling that accompanies that event. Although he’s served us well in the past, the former Captain of the USS Enterprise was not able to negotiate a better deal. Since our first official date of the tour fell through, we decided to set up and play anyway… in Ned’s garage! Same pay, no drive.

Next stop – lunch with the shareholders of Nedski and Mojo International Incorporated (Mrs. Nedski, Mrs. Mojo, and young Master Mojito).

The car pack was “exciting” as usual, since we travel with 4 instruments, 2 pedalboards, 2 Fishman Sa220’s, 2 suitcases, 2 computer bags, merchandise and a full multi-channel recording rig. Fitting this into the “full size” rental was greatly facilitated by the removal of the back seat, which came out remarkably easy (we’re not even kidding). Lets hope it goes back in that easy.

We made it almost 7 miles down the road before we had to stop for our favorite brew – Dunkin’ Donuts (really, it’s just the coffee). Onward to Johnson City, TN where we will be teaching at East Tennessee State University in the morning. Lesson 1: How to Remove The Back Seat of Your Rental Car Without Voiding the Contract.

It is very exciting to be teaching workshops, lessons, and seminars to the bluegrass students at ETSU. They have a tremendous program and we are honored to be guest lecturers. I think I’m about ready to get some shut eye, Nedski’s figuring out how to tie his collegiate bowtie (with matching sweater-vest).