Nedski and Mojo at Rose Morris Music

Ned Luberecki and Stephen Mougin are touring this month in England, and Stephen has sent along a travelogue of their time across the pond. Day 3 finds them doing in-store appearance.

Nedski and Mojo at Rose Morris MusicNedski and Mojo are Fishman artists and perform with the SA220 PA system when in the states. We like them so much, we asked Fishman if they could provide a pair for our England tour! They were happy to arrange it! In return, the London distributor lined up a handful of in-store demonstration performances, where we play some music and talk about the gear we use. We do these from time-to-time in the States and were happy at the chance to do it here!

Our first In-store was the Rose Morris Music in London. It’s located on Denmark street, next to a dozen other music stores! It was really neat to walk around to the various retailers and check out the music wares. Our wives will be happy to note that we didn’t buy ANYTHING (remarkable, I know)!

We stumbled into a vintage guitar shop (like you do) where the interior of the store was 400 years old… yeah. Four HUNDRED years old. He was selling guitars from the ’40’s, 50s, and ’60s that were brand new by comparison!

Ned Luberecki on the London tubeAfter playing a couple of sets for the fine folks at Rose Morris, we got our gear sorted and hit the tube. Picture this: 2 guys, 2 instruments, 2 Fishman pa “sticks,” and 1 duffel bag of cables/tuners/cds… on the tube. Now, unlike the USA, London doesn’t have elevators or escalators for every stop. We were happy that our stuff was made to be portable, even so, it was a challenge to haul it up and down several flights of stairs and a few blocks of city streets!

Touring lesson: never bring more than you can haul in one trip!