Naperville Bluegrass festival returns to Chicagoland

We wrote last month about Kim and Joyce Kraemer and their plan to restart the Naperville Bluegrass Festival, after it having been run successfully by Terry and Jan Lease from 1986 to 2014. Kim has shared a few words about things went this past March 25-26, with some photos.

After 3 years of trying (due to COVID), I finally got to re-launch the Naperville Bluegrass festival. It was an amazing event!

The line-up was absolutely first rate with every band displaying world-class picking and singing. The bill included the Gibson Brothers, Darin & Brooke Aldridge ,The Special Consensus, Tim Graves & The Farmhands, and The Baker Family.

The Gibson Brothers put on an absolutely amazing show and had the fabulous Cody Kilby on mandolin. Darin and Brooke put on a beautiful show with amazing harmonies featuring a powerhouse band with the awesome Samantha Synder on fiddle.

The Special Consensus boys brought down the house with one of the best sets I have ever seen them present. The current line-up is first-rate and brings a fresh new sound to the group. Newest members, Michael Prewitt and Greg Blake, are stellar.

Tim Graves brought along bluegrass legends Don Wayne Reno and Terry Eldridge.

Everyone was wowed by the phenomenal skills and beautiful harmonies of the Bakers.

All in all a top shelf show.

Congratulations on bringing Naperville back!