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Murphy Henry has spent most of the past four decades teaching people who never thought they could learn a musical instrument, to play bluegrass well enough to start jamming with others. All across the US, and all over the world, she has delivered specialized instructional videos that take new players step-by-step though the basics of playing banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, bass, or reso-guitar, all without the need to learn how to read music.

She started out using cassette tapes, and gradually moved to VHS video and formed her own company, The Murphy Method. A true family business, Murphy appears in a great many of their programs as the instructor, while her husband, Red, films the productions and does the video editing. As they grew up, their two adult children, Casey and Chris, have also gotten involved, appearing as teachers in a number of titles.

Over the years, they switched from VHS to DVD, and now to online delivery of their dozens of instructional videos. But the Method has remained unchanged, teaching people to play through repetition and memorization – with no tablature.

Now Murphy has announced a new offering from The Murphy Method – subscription plans. By paying a low monthly fee of $29, subscribers will have access to the entire Murphy Method catalog, which is especially rich with content for banjo players. Video presentations are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players on all the bluegrass instruments, plus for jamming with others and singing.

New students can especially benefit from subscriptions, as they offer access to this complete catalog of videos for less than monthly private lessons in person. Plus, discounts are offered when you pay for multiple months in advance.

Henry has wisely introduced her subscription offers just ahead of Christmas time, knowing that a great many banjos, mandolins, and fiddles will be showing up under the tree in coming weeks.

Visit the Murphy Method web site to see the many titles in the catalog for the various bluegrass instruments, and check out the subscription plans, which can easily be given as a gift.

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