More Bluegrass Law

city_of_bluegrass.jpgAs most of you are already aware, our fine city (The City of Bluegrass) has experienced a bit of unrest for the last several months. Folks just aren’t getting enough bluegrass to satisfy them.

Our intrepid Mayor of Bluegrass, Wichita Rutherford, has come up with a solution, the More Bluegrass Law.

As Mayor of Bluegrass it is my goal to keep each citizen as happy as possible by providing them with the most Bluegrass music a human can possibly listen to each and every minute of every hour of every day.

I will do everything in my power to make this, the More Bluegrass Law, pass for our great City.

The Law stipulates required instrumentation for all music played in public spaces with the City. It also requires appropriate levels of nasality in the vocals of male bluegrass singers, as well as placing restrictions on hair styling, or appropriate hat, for all male vocalists. Female vocalists are given much greater freedom in both hair style and vocal technique under this law.

Citizens of the City of Bluegrass may read the full text of the Law here, and then cast their vote.

Wichita tells me that many citizens have already contacted him offering suggested amendments to the law. He plans to discuss these ideas, and even play some of the phone calls, during his weekly radio address, The Grand Old Time Machine, beginning this Friday.