Mike Scott remembers the War Between the States

Home Sweet Home - Mike ScottI don’t know whether there are many fellow Brits who have a deep interest in the American Civil War and much that goes with that era as I do, but Rural Rhythm and Mike Scott and his friends know just how to please with the announcement of the forthcoming release of Home Sweet Home, a collection of instrumental pieces from the 1860s.

Banjo player and producer Mike Scott has assembled an all-star group of musicians to pay tribute to the popular parlour songs, minstrel songs and marching songs from this era, which are now known as traditional standards. Joining Scott on Home Sweet Home are awarding winning players Adam Steffey, Rob Ickes, Bryan Sutton, Aubrey Haynie, Tim Stafford, Mike Compton, Ben Isaacs, Jeff Taylor and Scott Miller.

Scott has a three generation link to the music of the American Civil War. He says ….

“I am so excited about this Civil War Era project. My own banjo heritage traces back to both of my grandfathers. Also, my great grandmother Verdie on my dad’s side played banjo and was born during the 1860s Civil War period. I never had the opportunity to meet any of them, but I am proud to carry on the banjo legacy in our family.”

This acknowledgement of the sesquicentennial of the five year War Between the States consists of 14 tunes. The full track listing is as follows …..

The Girl I Left Behind Me, Soldier’s Joy, Bill Cheatham, Battle Hymn Of The Republic, Home Sweet Home, Ashokan Farewell, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, Turkey In The Straw, Banks Of The Ohio, Camptown Races, Bonaparte’s Retreat, Buffalo GalsAngeline The Baker and The Battlefield.

Scott concludes …

“I dedicate this project to those who broke through the pages of our nation’s history and paved the way for a better America. I hope these tunes will touch you and give you a reminder of a period of time captivated as part of our nation’s journey to unity and freedom. May it bring you joy, put a smile on your face and put some ‘giddy-up’ in your step!”

Home Sweet Home will be officially released on May 21st, but pre-orders are now available from Amazon, iTunes and Mikescottmusic.com.

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