Mescalito Riding His White Horse by Mike Fiorito

Mike Fiorito, who has become a regular contributor here at Bluegrass Today, has written an unusual and very interesting book, based on his relationship with bluegrass singer and songwriter, Peter Rowan.

The title, Mescalito Riding His White Horse – Inspired by the Musical Adventures of Peter Rowan, perfectly describes the slim volume. Not a biography of Rowan, though it contains a great many of his memories from a lengthy career, nor an analysis of his work, it is instead a set of essays brought to Fiorito’s creative mind by Pete’s music, and their shared passion for eastern spirituality.

There are a number of interviews, plus descriptions of spending time together, and there is no doubt that Mike is a devotee of Rowan’s music. He has thought deeply about it, and uses it as a springboard for his own musings, about love, life, and everything, including one relationship with a woman that lasted through many years, off and on, with Peter’s music as the glue.

Fiorito is a clever and talented writer, and he converts his free form impressions into crisp prose that is fun to read. And it does offer some real insight into Peter and his way of creating.

Anyone who is a serious fan of Peter Rowan, enough to understand his metaphysical nature, would certainly enjoy Mescalito. As would someone interested in exploring how Buddhism enters and affects one’s life and thinking.

Mike Fiorito is an Associate Editor of Mad Swirl Magazine, and a regular contributor to Red Hook Star Review, in addition to Bluegrass Today. He is the author of several other books, all available from his web site.

Mescalito Riding His White Horse can be purchased from Amazon for $14.99 in paperback, or $6.99 for Kindle.

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