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Richard CiferskyWe received a note from Slovak banjo player Richard Cifersky, asking us to share a message about his indiegogo campaign to help him raise the funds necessary to obtain a VISA to live in the United States as a working musician. Filing and attorney fees are estimated to run $5000, and Richard is hoping that his many friends in the US will chip in enough to crowdsource these costs.

The reason he asked us to share this note today is the fact that matching funds are available until September 25 for anyone who makes a donation.

“Hey everybody, I’ve been working hard raising money for my Musician’s Working Visa. I just got back from a great tour in Ireland, with my band Bill Faster. I spent two weeks with a good friend and colleague (from Bill Faster) painting his house. I also have been playing with Natural Fusion (a duet project with amazing guitarist Peter Luha).

But I don’t want to let my indiegogo campaign fall by the wayside. I have raised only 1/4th of the funds needed to renew my O-1 VISA for three years. To give this campaign a jumpstart, my dear friend and VISA sponsor, Jonathan Maness (of WestWend and Anteflow Records, Inc.), has agreed to match, dollar for dollar, any contributions made for a week, up to $500! This means, with your help, we can raise an additional $1000 for my indiegogo campaign this week!

If you are considering making a donation, now is the time to do it, because for this week only, any funds you contribute will be doubled. This opportunity began on Tuesday, September 15th and will end on Friday September 25th. Please consider helping me realize my dream of playing music professionally in the United States. Great artists like WestWend, and businesses like Jonathan’s Anteflow Records, are waiting to put my talents to good use in the American music industry, and you can help!”


Help make a humble banjo pickers dream come true… if you can. Richard will surely be deeply appreciative of donations of any size.

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