Marty Stuart on GAC

Marty Stuart, who just released a live bluegrass CD, will be featured on Great American Country’s “GAC Classic,” this evening, Wednesday, Feb. 22, at 10 a.m. (ET). Stuart will telling some amazing tales of his life in the music business.

“From the first time I played with Lester Flatt, I sensed an extreme amount of history around me,” Stuart said. It’s no surprise, then, that Stuart has been a collector of country music memorabilia for as long as he can remember. “The first things I acquired were guitars and costumes,” he said. “Nobody in Nashville was really paying attention to the old Nudie suits; people basically were ashamed of that image and they were being sold and pawned.”

Be sure to tune in and give it a listen.

Marty Stuart – Live At The Ryman