Mama’s Cross from Lorraine Jordan, with Donna Ulisse

The latest single from Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road is a very special Mother’s Day song that Lorraine wrote with Donna Ulisse. With both of their moms, and the upcoming Mother’s Day in mind, Pinecastle Records is giving away copies of track for free as a gift from all three.

These two bluegrass artists discovered that they shared a sadness between them. Both of their moms had passed away from advanced dementia in recent years, Lorraine’s in 2019 and Donna’s just a few months back. As they were discussing this when Ulisse performed at Lorraine’s Coffee House in North Carolina not long ago, they found yet another link between them.

Donna tells it how it came to light.

“We sat in her green room and she shared with me the most lovely story about a gold cross she wore around her neck. It was her mother’s cross and Lorraine has worn it since her sweet mother had passed from dementia a few years before. As she lovingly showed me her cross, I pulled out the silver cross I wore around my neck that was my mother’s. I wear it all the time.

My mother also had dementia and as I type this right now, the shock of her passing is only three weeks old. Now the little silver cross holds a different meaning to me, so fragile and precious, just like the gold cross Lorraine holds dear.

The song Mama’s Cross is very real and heartfelt, and Lorraine’s performance is loaded with the emotion this song deserves. The message is a testimony to both our mothers, and a tribute to their faith, something both us daughters are proud of!”

Inspired by this connection, the two set about to write this song, which Lorraine says warms her heart to release in honor of both of their moms.

“It was so special to find out that my new friend, Donna Ulisse, and I shared the same story about our moms. We both wear the crosses everyday to symbolize the love for our mothers. It was an honor to co-write this song with one of the greatest songwriters in bluegrass music today.

One of the highlights of this experience was having Donna sing this song with me on my latest project. It’s so heartwarming to have this song released on Mother’s Day. I appreciate the DJs that plan on debuting the song during such a special holiday.”

Supporting these two in the studio are Andy Leftwich on fiddle, guitar, and mandolin), and Mike Bubb on bass).

Have a look/listen in the official music video.

Anyone who would like to have a copy of Mama’s Cross for their own Mother’s Day get togethers is invited to visit this link where you may download the track, and the cover image, at no charge.

It will also be included on the next full album from Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road.

Radio programmers can get the track from AirPlay Direct.

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