Magazine Angels – Like You’re Still Here

Does this bring back holiday memories for you? It does for me.

How to make Magazine Angels. You will need the following:

  • Body
  • A Reader’s Digest
  • White and gold acrylic paint
  • Glitter
  • Paper doilie (or a vintage one)
  • Mod Podge (or Elmer’s Glue)
  • Head
  • A foam ball (3-4”)
  • A dowel rod (10”)
  • Ribbon
  • Cotton balls
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pipe cleaners (white or gold)

Nashville singer/songwriter Chip Davis shared with me how he and Gene Pistilli came about composing their song, Magazine Angels. It was written in 1994, and recorded the next year by Joe Diffie on the Sony label. Chip and the Davis Family also recorded it on their album, The Davis Family – Lifetime

“Gene and I were talking about Christmas memories and traditions, that’s when the idea of Magazine Angels came to fruition.”

Before the song had even been cut, Pistilli sent an email to Chip that stated the following…

“In truth, it may never even see the light of day, never mind turn out to be a Christmas hit. [But, O! Please God, make it happen!! Okay, Lord, do you want me to be honest? Not just a hit, but a standard that will be played and loved every Christmas and leave a legacy to our children and their children for another 75 years after we leave the party!!! There, I said it, and I don’t take back one single word!]

None the less it is without doubt a truly great song, of which I think I am more proud than any of the few times the Lord saw fit to allow me to be His pencil, and bless me with more success than I have done anything to deserve.”

Magazine Angels is definitely a true Christmas classic. 

Tragedy struck the Davis family in March 2023, when their mother, Arlene Davis passed away in Tennessee. As the holidays approached, they all wondered how they would face it without her. She was the beloved matriarch of their family, and they all shared memories of Mom hanging garland from room to room. The cheer she gave them all was too fresh. 

However, five weeks ago, Chip reports…

“My brother, Billy, called and gave me a song title. We recently lost our Mom, and we were discussing how hard Christmas was going to be this year. I hung up and went straight to my 1857 square grand piano (pre-civil war), and within 25 minutes this song was born. It was like Mom was sitting on my shoulder telling me what to write.”

The end result is a fire, a burning desire to celebrate Christmas just like the Davis Family did.

“When we lost loved ones in our life, Mom never cancelled Christmas. We remembered them and celebrated them through stories and songs.

Mom, We’re Gonna Have Christmas (Just Like You’re Still Here), because YOU are!”

This song has spurred on a whirlwind of writing and recording for the former pianist for Alabama. After eight years of touring, Chip is back in the studio, and will have a Christmas album released next October 15th.   

Here is a listen to Arlene singing Two Coats on the Lifetime album.

Merry Christmas from the Davis Family! May we all celebrate Arlene this year, because We’re Gonna Have Christmas (Just Like You’re Still Here).

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