Losing Time – Route 3

Route 3 of Purdy, MO has been receiving steady recognition for their firm stamp on contemporary bluegrass music. Their second release, Losing Time, on Pinecastle Records places even more emphasis on that originality.

Ten of the album’s eleven songs were written by the group’s guitarist and lead singer, Jason Jordan. The title track, Losing Time, revolves around the typical subject of lost love, but approaches it from the angle of not being able to get the time back that one invested in a relationship.

Cartersville is a captivating piece about a pair of outlaws. Jordan’s vocal delivery as well as the banjo work of Gaylon Harper and guest fiddler Ron Stewart brings just the right amount of punch to draw the listener in.

Lay Down Beside Me is the sole cover song on the album. Originally written by country singer Don Williams, Route 3’s take on this song is very well done and in some ways sounds like something that J.D. Crowe and the New South could have recorded.

The highlight of Losing Time is the song The Bullet Took Two. This track is great evidence of Jason Jordan’s natural ability as a songwriter. Though the subject matter revolves around the standard themes of love and murder, the lyrics are written in a fresh and unique manner.

The closing track, Take My Hand, is a fast moving piece which really allows the entire band a chance to shine instrumentally. Along with Jordan and Harper, Route 3 also consists of Roy Bond on mandolin and Doug Clifton on bass.

Though this is only the second studio project from Route 3, it’s clear from the first note that this group already has a solidified sound. These guys have the whole package, strong vocals and musicianship combined with solidly original material. It will be exciting to see where they go from here.

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