Long Way To Denver from Larry Sparks

Rebel Records has released another single to bluegrass radio from It’s Just Me, their current project from Larry Sparks. This album has proved to be tremendously popular, as it is the first time Sparks has recorded with just himself and his guitar, with only bass accompaniment on certain tracks.

This latest is a song Larry has had in his pocket for a decade or so, Long Way To Denver, written by the late Marshal Warwick, who had written a good many for him over the years. Songs like You Ain’t Lived, Let’s Turn Back the Clock, City Folks Call Us Poor, and 1-800-DO-U-CARE all sprang from Warwick’s pen, along with another on this new album, Bring ‘Em On Back.

Larry says that Marshal gave him Long Way To Denver about ten years ago, but he hasn’t felt it was right for a recording until now.

“Marshal writes the way I sing. His songs are simple but they are ready to speak, and the singer makes them do so. A good song needs a singer and a good singer needs a good song.”

It’s a tale of woe from a man who has lost his sweetheart, and is cogitating on the new distance between them.

Have a listen…

Both Long Way To Denver, and the complete It’s Just Me album, are available now from popular download and streaming services online. Audio CDs can be ordered from Rebel.

Radio programmers can get the tracks via AirPlay Direct.

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