Lloyd Loar for sale

the label in a Lloyd Loar signed March 24, 1924Here’s an interesting story of a Lloyd Loar Mandolin that was recently discovered.

The instrument had belonged to the lady’s grandfather, but no one in the family was currently playing it. Thinking it would be good for one of the kids to learn to play an instrument, she took it to a local music store hoping to get it repaired. They recognized it for what it was and the instrument is currently for sale.

It is in need of some repairs, but they wish to sell it “as is” and let the buyer handle getting the repair work done.

The Gibson Master Model F5 mandolin carries the serial # 76782, and was signed by Lloyd Loar on March 24, 1924.

More details of the needed repairs, along with more photos, can be found here.

If you’re interested in the purchase of this instrument, contact Dave at Ozark Instruments in Lawrence, KS.

1924 Lloyd Loar

HT: The Australian Bluegrass Blog