Lizzy Long recovering after serious auto accident

Lizzy Long, one half of the popular bluegrass act Little Roy & Lizzy, was in a frightful automobile accident on Friday afternoon.

Long was alone in her truck when she lost control, went off the road and flipped several times. Fortunately she was wearing her seat belt, but the truck came to rest upside down, with her hanging from the seat. After unhooking herself, and landing on her back on the truck roof, Lizzy managed to pull herself part of the way out of the truck by the time first responders arrived.

In a testament to how solidly trucks are made these days, she was not seriously injured. A severe concussion, a large hematoma, and a few broken ribs were the extent of the injuries. This is especially good news, as Lizzy had gone through major back surgery last year to repair a genetic defect that she shares with her sister, Rebekah, also a bluegrass performer. Lizzy says that, “them Doctors that performed that surgery built me like a tank. Nothing moved.”

She shared a few details of the accident, which happened in a flash.

“I had left my aunt and uncle’s delivering fish. I got behind a little red truck that swung out to take a right. I went to pass him… and when I did, his blinker to turn left come on right at the last minute. I missed him veering right, and fishtailed. And was fine… and woulda stayed fine but hit a culvert and flipped three times. I was going 60-65. Not obnoxiously fast but over the speed limit.”

Her truck was a total loss, but Lizzy is grateful to be alive, and doing fine other than some soreness and a big shiner on her right eye. She said that she is surprised that her memory of the incident is so clear, though they are a bit fuzzy from the point where she pulled herself from the truck cab.

Long offers her deepest thanks to all the people that stopped to help, the EMT’s who arrived quickly and provided emergency care, and to the Sheriff and deputies who responded right away. And she gives thanks to God for getting her through this safely. As she told us this morning, it could have been a lot worse.

Lizzy should be all healed up by the time the music starts up again in the near future.

Feel better soon!

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