Live performances on

Clyde Scott writes in to tell us about some upcoming live shows that will be available on this weekend.

We are very excited to announce that next weekend the fun in South Georgia continues. Saturday 3/17, we will present Michelle Nixon and Drive, Live in the Bluegrass Radio studios. on Sunday 3/18, we will present Blue Moon Rising. Both bands will do a complete set live and we will record each for playback later each day. This is a wonderful time for considering that every effort is being made to kill internet radio. We will not let the music stop.

You might want to go read these posts here, here, and here if you don’t understand what Clyde is referring to with his last two sentences. Make sure you read the comments on that first post as well.

If you have any trouble connecting to during the shows, be patient and continue trying. Clyde has mentioned that due to this recent ruling he will be limiting the number of connections to the stream.