Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

That might sound like a joke name for a band, but be assured that Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys are quite serious about their music.

This young group based in Lansing, MI has been performing together for about two years, and traces its start to a chance encounter. Founders Lindsay and Josh Rilko met at an open mic at a club. Her background was in classical and pop music, while his was bluegrass.

Josh, on mandolin, was already part of a traditional bluegrass band called the Flatbellys. He says that he and his bandmates converted Lindsay to the ways of the bluegrass. Now, the two are married and she is fronting the group with Keith Billik on banjo, Spencer Cain on bass, and Mark Lavengood on resonator guitar.

Two new videos have been released to showcase songs that will be included on the next Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys CD, and they perfectly detail the two sides of their musical personality.

First, here is Lindsay on one of her songs, Power.


And Josh on a song with a more traditional bluegrass vibe, My Side Of The Mountain.


Like so many other artists, they have taken to Kickstarter to fund this next album. Here’s the pitch:

Good luck, you guys!

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