Lillie Mae and the Dixie Gospelaires

Earlier this month at the Eagles Club in Flat Rock, Michigan was an evening of nostalgia and joy.

Lillie Mae and Charlie Whitaker joined their sons, The Whitaker Brothers Band, and gave us a set of Lillie Mae and the Dixie Gospelaires music. The elder Whitakers have been retired for a number of years, but were a mainstay at the bluegrass festival hosted by Wendy Smith when they were active.

They played to an enthusiastic crowd. Charlie did his rendition of Father’s Table Grace, and took us all back a ways!

Wendy Smith and Blue Velvet also did a set of music. Wendy has been an anchor in Michigan bluegrass for 50 years.

Roy Cobb played and sang a few tunes for us as well. Roy has been in bluegrass music for over 60 years.