Lazy John from Hillary Klug’s Dancing Fiddler

Hillary Klug, also known as the Dancing Fiddler, has been quietly making a name for herself over the past several years online. By quietly, I mean outside the traditional channels for achieving notoriety in music, as the volume of her impact on social media has been anything but quiescent.

From her familiar look, attired in boots and daisy dukes with her long blond hair flowing, to her skillful buck dancing while playing old time fiddle tunes, Hillary has become a social media sensation. Either alone, or with one or two of her Nashville music friends, she has videos that have view counts totaling in the millions, and just as many loyal followers across the many platforms.

All that to the good, but she has told us several times in recent years that she knows that to make the next step to live appearances, singing will be an important tool, and Klug has dedicated a good bit of effort, and a number of videos, in making that a part of her offerings.

Today, the first single from her upcoming Dancing Fiddler album is released, showcasing Hillary’s music in audio only form. She will drop one new track on the 22nd of each month through August, and the full album will hit on her 32nd birthday of September 22, which is also the four year anniversary of her debut project.

This first song is the old time classic, Lazy John, which shares the age old tale of needing to take responsibility for your own welfare. Accompanying Klug are Victor Furtado on banjo and Cristina Vane singing harmony.

Hillary tells us that most of the cuts on the record include a full string band with Tyler Andal also on guitar, and her husband, Evan Winsor, on bass. Other guests include Brenna MacMillan, Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, Ketch Secor, and Dom Flemmons. But the sound of her dancing is still a big part of the music.

Lazy John is very stripped down, with the footwork tucked just under the sound of the banjo. I recorded my footwork using very unusual footwear, Tom’s sandals. Everyone knows the loud clackety-clack sound that I make using my usual harness boots. The sandals changed the texture into a gritty, shuffle sound like what you’d hear from a snare drum played with brushes. The sound enhances the song with a chill and mellow vibe, contrary to what you’d normally hear from my dancing, which can be very loud and obnoxious.

I’m very proud to have recorded the dance in a way that sonically fits the song, and I can’t wait for folks to hear my dancing in a new context.

Check out Lazy John

Hillary is handling Dancing Fiddler pre-sales via Kickstarter, where $10 pledges gets you a digital copy of the full album upon release. Other benefits accrue for larger donations, including photo posters, audio CDs and vinyl LPs, personalized post cards and videos, and even a virtual meet and greet.

Check out all the pre-order options on Kickstarter, and be on the lookout as the 22nd of each month rolls around for a new single from Dancing Fiddler.

In the meantime, Lazy John is available today from popular download and streaming services online.

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