Larry Stephenson Band in first Oculus VR bluegrass concert

Big news for bluegrass lovers in the virtual reality world!

The Larry Stephenson Band will be performing in the first VR bluegrass concert to be featured on the Oculus app. It was shot during 2020 at The Station Inn in Nashville.

Simply tune in via the app on Wednesday, February 9, at 9:00 p.m. (EST) using any VR glasses, and enjoy this fully immersive technology with the full 3D, 360° effect.

With the special VR glasses, this system allows the user to move their head in any direction, and see exactly what you would if you were in the room. You can pan your line of sight across the stage to focus on any one musician in the band, or to the side and watch the audience enjoying the show just like you were there. You can also look up or down using natural head movements.

Larry says that he and the guys are stoked to introduce bluegrass to the rapidly growing VR world.

“This will be a very cool experience and we are beyond thrilled to be the first bluegrass group to be on the cutting edge of this technology moving forward.”

Whysper Dream Music, Larry’s management team, says that you can sign up for the show on the Oculus web site, or by going directly to it on the Oculus app, available for popular mobile devices. You will need to have or create an Oculus account, or you can use your Meta (Facebook) login, to watch the show.

As many as 22 million people now have the Oculus app worldwide, and about 7 million sets of the glasses were sold in the US last year alone. If you don’t have them yourself, find a friend who does and be part of this unique event.

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