Kruger Brothers & Bangor Symphony Orchestra

Kruger Brothers with the Camden PopsThe Kruger Brothers, a North Carolina based bluegrass band anchored by two brothers from Switzerland, recently played a show with the oldest community orchestra in the country, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra in Bangor, Maine, conducted by a Chinese man.

Sounds strange I know, but from what I’ve read it was a very successful show. The show was billed as Music from the Spring: A Romantic Serenade for Banjo, Guitar, Bass & Orchestra. Joel Landsberg described the show as “the Kruger Brothers with a very big backup band.”

The Bangor Daily News ran a story reviewing the show recently. It seems there were some technical difficulties during the first part of the show that lead the banjo not being heard, imagine that if you can! After the difficulties were straitened out, the show went very well according to the reviewer.

It’s always exciting to see bluegrass taken to new audiences and see the genre’s base widened without sacrificing the integrity of the music’s core. I think The Kruger Brothers are successfully doing so. Keep up the good work guys!