Kentucky Sassafras on KET1 TV

Kentucky SassafrasAn upcoming episode of Kentucky Life will feature the young bluegrass group Kentucky Sassafras. The program was taped at My Old Kentucky Home State Park. The focus of the episode is Bardstown, KY, home of the Jim Beam distillery.

A good portion of the show is sure to be given over to the Jim Beam story. Another segment of the show will feature Promotional Wood Products’ owners Charlie and Patrick Hutchens. They’ll talk about their business, and when asked if their sons will follow in their footsteps and one day take over the family business, they introduce the band, which includes their sons, Jory (fiddle) and Turner (mandolin). It seems the boys have another career in mind!

KSassafras begins their segment of the show at Tom Pig’s Restaurant in Bardstown, KY by playing My Old Kentucky Home. The rest of the performance takes place at the Waterfront in Louisville, KY.

There they perform “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” which includes the “switcheroo” where Tyler and Chloe share one banjo during a break of the song, and then Turner and Jory share the mandolin during a break of the song.

They close out the segment with Catfish John.

KSassafras’ members range from ages 12-17. The current line up of the band includes Jory Hutchens (fiddle), Turner Hutchens (mandolin), Cloe Blayne (guitar/banjo), Tyler Mullins (banjo/guitar), and Amelia John (bass).

Cloe and Amelia John are sisters and the two Hutchens boys cousins, making the band a family affair.

The show airs Saturday, October 6 at 8PM EST and again on Sunday, October 7 at 4:30PM on KET1. It will also run on Sunday, October 7 at 7PM EST on KET2.