Kentucky Mountain Trio to Mountain Fever

Kentucky Mountain Trio - photo by Bryan RobertsMountain Fever Records has signed Heidi and Ryan Greer, traditional bluegrass and Gospel singers who perform as Kentucky Mountain Trio.

The husband and wife duet team come from the fertile bluegrass region of eastern Kentucky, where hard living and inspirational songs have been a part of the culture since European immigrants began settling there in the 17th century.

We became big fans of Heidi’s singing at the the 2016 SPBGMA convention in Nashville. In fact, I first saw her in the lobby jam and took immediate notice of the striking, dark-haired beauty, barely five feet tall, heading for the hotel side with a fiddle. It soon became clear that we were both heading to the same place, The Bluegrass On The Plains/Mountain Fever showcase room where she and Ryan were getting ready to perform.

While watching their set, Steve Gulley poked me in the ribs to share his enthusiasm for these young singers, as he had been producing them in his Curve Studio. I quickly concurred with his assessment as Heidi sang a couple of the songs they were working on with Steve.

Someone else who caught their set was Mark Hodges of Mountain Fever, who said that it only took one chorus for him to determine that he wanted to be in business with the Greers.

Mark Hodges“This past February while at SPBGMA in Nashville, I was coming back upstairs to our showcase rooms and a man I passed said, ‘You need to get up there quick.’ So I picked up my pace and when I arrived, I heard the last chorus of the last song of  performance by Kentucky Mountain Trio. Everyone kept telling me I should have been there earlier and that I really missed out. So I spoke with Heidi and Ryan afterwards and when I arrived at my office a few days later, I began researching their music. It didn’t take long to figure out why people were so moved by this group. So, I contacted them and we worked things out rather quickly. All of us at Mountain Fever are very excited about what the future is sure to hold for these fine young people. Their music is simple and direct but accentuates the emotion and heart-felt presentation of this young girl’s heart-stopping vocal delivery, supported by a wonderful group of musicians.”

Other members of the Trio include Matt Cromer on reso-guitar, Brian Davidson on bass and Nathan Adcock on Cajón.

Here’s video of them at SPBGMA…


A new Mountain Fever project is expected this fall, with a half-and-half mix of Gospel and secular music. It won’t be long after before the name Heidi Greer is on the lips of everyone who enjoys fine traditional music.

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