Karl Shiflett teams up with Pointer Brand

If there was ever a match made in heaven, this is it.

Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show have signed an endorsement deal with Pointer Brand clothing of Bristol, TN, makers of denim outerwear of every kind. This is a bunch of guys who wear bibs on a daily basis, so you can be sure that everything that comes their way from Bristol will be put to good use. I mean mandolinist C.J. Lewandowski already had a Pointer patch tattooed on his arm!

And Pointer is committed to supporting traditional music. They have had a role in Bristol’s big music event, Rhythm & Roots, since it began several years ago.

C.J. tells us that they have written a jingle for Pointer, which will be used in a new television spot being edited now. The song is now a staple in their stage show as well.

C.J. Lewandowski sporting his Pointer tattoo“We are tickled to death to team up with Pointer Brand. We all wear bib overalls everyday and there isn’t any better quality than Pointers. Bluegrass and this line of clothing go hand in hand.

A festival isn’t complete with spotting a pair of Pointer Overalls! It’s great to pull two American traditions together. Thanks to Ben Collins and Jack King for supporting roots and bluegrass music.”

The Big Country Show and Pointer Brand have more than a little of a throwback vibe. Pointers have been made by the King family in the same brick building  in Bristol since 1914, and Karl’s live show recalls the early days of hillbilly music in the southeastern United States. Like I said, a perfect match.

Lewandowski shared some photos, and this brief report, from his trip to Bristol not long ago.

Jack King, owner of L.C. King Manufacturing, makers of Pointer Brand clothing sewing straps“I took a tour of the factory in February and Ben treated me like a king. It was very humbling to see such a great company of 35 employees put out the best quality denim products that are on the market. I walked in one room and Ben pointed to a man at a sewing machine. He said ‘You’re in for a treat. That man right there is the owner, Jack King.’ He was sewing elastic straps into low back galluses. It was an awesome experience indeed.”


The Big Country Show features Karl Shiflett on guitar and vocals, his son, Chris Shiflett on bass, Billy Hurt on fiddle, C.J. Lewandowski on mandolin, and Brennen Ernst on banjo, and Dany Bureau on washboard.

Keep up with Karl and the boys online.

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